Dr. Dianne Frost is a transformational leader who helps people discover their unique soul’s wisdom and inspires them to live their finest dreams in love and relationships. She is a Certified Facilitator of The Gottman Seven Principles Program, a scientifically proven relationship program developed by foremost experts, Dr. John and Dr. Julie Gottman.

While following her passion, Dr. Frost earned her doctorate in Depth Psychology, specializing in empowering women through Dream Tending. She trained with Debbie Ford to become an Integrative Coach Professional and has supported numerous clients in integrating aspects of their shadows so they can live more conscious lives.   Dr. Frost is a board certified hypnotherapist and learned to practice regression therapy from the renowned Dr. Brian Weiss. She also integrates Attachment Theory, Voice Dialogue, and Family Constellation Work into her practice with clients. Most importantly, Dr. Dianne Frost is a heart-centered advocate of people and consciousness, and her greatest joy is helping people to live brilliant, loving lives! Allow her to fly you to new heights! Elevate your love!