Extraordinary Couples Retreats

Extraordinary Couples™ Retreat:

How to Go from ‘Seeking’ to Soul Mate and Become the Extraordinary Couple You Were Meant to Be

Hi! It’s Dianne and Gary here. Thank you for being interested in our Get Ready for Love Now Retreat. We are calling this ‘the year of love’ and that’s our focus as we offer you this extraordinary 3-day retreat by the beautiful San Francisco Bay.

Over Valentines Weekend, both of us noticed something that amused and surprised us. We spent 4 days just relaxing with each other and basking in each other’s love at a beautiful San Diego resort. Everyday for two hours, we walked the ocean beach with our feet bathing in the nourishing waters, holding hands and just connecting like crazy! Then, we’d go find some place for lunch along the crowded boardwalk. When we finished, Dianne would sit as Gary gently wiped off all the sand from her feet and between her cute little red toes.   And then, Dianne would return the favor.

Then, we began to notice something astounding. This little, tiny loving act which is so normal to us seemed so extraordinary to many people walking by. At first, we just noticed the smiles and glances by well-wishing people. Then, we started getting the comments from women, then men and finally, even couples.   This happened every single time! People were amazed that a couple would act so romantic and caring toward each other. After the third day of people taking extraordinary notice, we had a long talk about how so many people have seemingly lost contact with what real love, romance and passion look like.


Now, that’s not how it always was for us. The end of our second marriages sent us both on an intense personal and professional journey where we learned everything we could about love, relationships and what it really takes to create passionate and joyfully loving relationships.   Studying everything from the tricks that our unconscious mind plays on us to the painful way that our family patterns keep us away from the love that we most want, we found our way back to all that’s possible when your heart is truly open.  But more than that, we found each other and we committed ourselves to becoming an extraordinary couple with each other.

Whether you are single or a couple, we are offering you the opportunity to experience what a securely loving relationship feels like while also learning the skill set that all masterful couples use to create rock solid relationships. (We know this skill set from the science of relationships, so what we offer is not just our ‘advice.’) So…

Are you ready to go from ‘seeking’ to soul mate and
become the extraordinary couple you were meant to be?

If you are ready to get ready for love now, then welcome to the 3-day retreat where you will recover your own innate and well-deserved ‘secure’ way of loving! Moreover, you will leave knowing the love skill set of the ‘masters.’ Here’s a preview of the coming attractions:

  • Experience through a lot of transforming exercises, the four feelings of a secure relationship (which shifts everything in relationships)
  • Discover how to use these four feelings as a GPS for any relationship
  • Learn easy ways to rewire the rules for love in your brain so you can have the relationship of your dreams
  • Reveal the unconscious story with love you have been living for a while and….
  • Choose a better story with love (the one you really want and deserve) and write a way better script for it!
  • Practice the seven basic relationship skills that increase true intimacy so you can keep the love you have or attract
  • Get skilled at soulful ways to manage conflict so you can turn conflict into connection and just so, make love last a lifetime
  • End the ‘deadlock’ if you are already a couple so you can re-ignite the passion, understanding, and love you crave
  • Start increasing your brain’s capacity for happiness and joy in your relationships
  • Manifest a transformed way of being in relationships so you can create and attract true intimacy
  • Begin using a better picker for choosing relationships so you can put an end to ‘Mr. Wrong’ (if you are single)
  • Get an emotional compass for all of your loving relationships so you don’t feel lost in love or stay trapped in a bad relationship (if you are a couple). If you are single, this compass will keep you from Mr. or Ms. Wrong!
  • Feel supported by a community of love seeking people like yourself
  • Be inspired to be your best, most loving self
  • And much, much more…

Couples Kissing

Here’s why we are offering such a unique retreat. We know that the key to rewiring the rules for love in your brain begins with experiencing what a secure love style really feels like. (Trust us, many people don’t know what feelings your brain actually uses to know when it is securely loved!) This is super important because in our nation today, only 50% of people love in a ‘secure way’.

Research tells us that when people have a ‘secure’ love style, they naturally act like ‘masters’ of relationships. That’s not so much the case when people don’t know what secure love feels like. So for the other 50% of people, love becomes an endless ‘groundhog day’ of disappointment, frustration and pain. Now, they got this patterning naturally – there is no judgment here. It’s just that somewhere in life they learned to fight for a connection or else, to flee from intimacy. (These are called ‘anxious’ and ‘avoidant’ love styles.) And as you can surmise, neither fighting nor taking flight ever works in relationships.

You see, some love styles were learned early in life not as a way to create love, but rather, as a way to protect the little one from love’s pain. The problem is that you can’t create love or joy from fear! As a result, these love styles inevitably lead to endless cycles of pain and frustration whether you are single or coupled! That means for 50% of folk, they may have love styles that were never meant to create a truly loving, lasting relationship. The real tragedy is that since so many people have never known what real love feels like, how can you create what you don’t truly know?

The good news is that we can deeply and easily shift all of that. There is a way to experience in your gut and your body what a secure love style feels like from the inside out. In fact, we created this workshop because nearly all of our clients asked us but one question over a year ago; can you create a weekend retreat and rewire our brains to have a secure style of loving?

The answer is ‘Yes!’ Our upcoming 3 day retreat is all about that S/heroes journey from ‘disaster’ to ‘master’ and how you can get ready for love now. No matter how many ‘disasters’ you have experienced, you can become a master with love! This highly interactive and fun retreat will help both singles and couples to transform their love styles to have the love they want. You are going to get a ton of transformation and lots of time to learn some new skills!

When you leave you will know what secure love feels like. You will have a better ‘love compass’ and ‘picker’ if you are single, be less anxious and more comfortable with close relationships, learn powerful relationship tools so you can communicate like a soul mate, ‘raise your love vibration’ so you can attract your soul mate, and so much more.

Here’s what past attendees have said:

“I really needed a miracle in my life to have safe love. So I took the workshop – a fantastic workshop. So I’m learning how to be safe in love again. It is a fantastic, absolutely fantastic workshop whether you are single or in a relationship. You are going to learn new things that you have never heard before. I learned so much that is making my relationship and my love life feel more safe. I feel more secure and my heart keeps on opening and opening. I know how to be in a relationship that I never knew before. It has really helped me” – RP

“This workshop is absolutely amazing and it was so worth traveling the distance because you receive something far greater – the love of your life. And this has affected everything for me.” – MW

“This work helped me identify some unconscious beliefs and patterns I developed in my childhood around love and relating. How wonderful we could unwind the parts through NLP that don’t serve me now, giving me freedom to have a greater sense of calm and choice around loving and relationships. This work goes deep and re-sets your system for love in a science-based, heart delivered manner… great work and thank you.” – JC

If you are interested to find out more about this program please contact us here:

And, if you have questions, we can set up a 30 minute love support session to see if committing to having love in this way is right for you. We look forward to hearing from you!

  • Dianne and Gary