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Are you ready to claim the love you really deserve?

Love is the topic of endless songs, movies, poems, and spiritual teachings. It is “what makes the world go ‘round,” and yet it is elusive and terribly difficult for many people to find and keep in their lives. How can something so widespread and wonderful be connected with such painful heartbreak and loneliness? The truth is that real love is indeed wonderful, and lifts up lovers to the heights of human experience! It’s lack of love that breaks hearts, causing confusion, anger, depression, and bitterness.   Love doesn’t end at 50 plus years of age. You were born to have deep, rich, abiding love in your life! And you can have it! You simply need to claim it!


Why has it been so difficult to find and keep love?

It’s no one’s fault.  Sometimes it’s just the hand life has dealt.  In some cases, a partner of a happily married couple dies, leaving the remaining spouse devastated and lonely.  In other cases, an unhappy couple stays together in misery or decides to divorce, leaving both partners hurt and insecure about ever finding real love.  Research shows that our early attachments with primary caretakers play a huge role in forming our subconscious behavior patterns regarding relationships. Those who were fortunate enough to have loving, secure attachments in early childhood developed “secure” attachment styles and created loving, happy relationships. Half of the population, however, was not so fortunate, and they developed “anxious” or “avoidant” attachment styles. “Anxious” lovers are hyper-vigilant, always afraid that love will leave them, which often becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. “Avoidant” lovers retreat when the relationship becomes intimate, protecting themselves from uncomfortable emotions, and thereby leave their partners cold and alone.  No wonder people give up hope for real love when they experience soap opera dramas of romances that leave lovers confused, angry, sad, and bitter.


Love is within your reach!

Anything worth having is worth some effort, and your past does not have to define your future.  Neuroscience has discovered that our brains are “plastic,” meaning they are not set in established neural pathways created by past experience, but can be molded into new neural pathways opening the way for new behaviors with new results. That’s why we have devoted ourselves to helping age 50 plus singles and couples create positive, new pathways to claim the love they deserve in their lives!

If you are single and ready to find deep, real, lasting love, take a look at the video we’ve created for you!

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If you are a couple who wants to revitalize your relationship and enjoy rich, abiding, real love, take a look at the video we’ve created for you!

(link to couple video)