Safe to Love Again Workshop

Are you tired of dating and always saying “Next!” or
“Why does it always end like this?”
Do you ever wonder why your relationship seems so hard?
Do you always seem to attract Mr./Ms. Wrong?


Dr. Gary Salyer and Dr. Dianne Frost are your co-hosts for the dynamic, fun and transformative Safe to Love Again™ Workshop. The fun starts at 9:30 a.m. and goes until 6:30 p.m. both days. If you are traveling from other places across the country, special room rates are available.

It’s going to be a great event, indeed, a love changing event!

People are traveling from all over the country to attend, so there is always room for more.

This workshop is all about releasing the pain of your past or current relationships so you can attract your soul mate.  Or, if you are in a relationship, releasing past patterns so you can create the love you really want with your partner. Imagine how great it will be when you can get safe with love and begin making love irresistible!

Our Safe to Love Again™ Process is unique in the world of love and relationships.  By restoring your missing rights to love, it goes beyond coaching, traditional therapy and other kinds of ‘limiting beliefs’ work.  This allows amazing shifts to happen in a very short period of time so that people can have the incredible relationship they want and deserve.


safe to love again


This workshop is for you if you constantly have the same kinds of frustrating relationships that go nowhere.  Or, if your existing relationship is limited and you know it but you can’t quite put the finger on the ‘why.’  If you want to go from ‘stale mate’ with love to ‘soul mate’, then this seminar is for you.

In this workshop, you will discover:

  • Why our brains value safety over love
  • How we typically limit love or else, sabotage love to keep ourselves safe
  • Practical ways you can work with your brain to change its ‘safety settings’
  • The 6 basic rights that make love sizzle
  • Easy ways you can upgrade your rights for love and deep connection
  • How you can easily attract your soul mate or create the relationship you want
  • Ways couples can begin to move past ‘grid lock’ and restore intimacy
  • The secret to creating a ‘we’ and so much more!

Day 1 will be about the journey with fear. We will delve into what stops you, what tells your brain to constantly pick Mr. or Ms. Wrong, and how to deal with things like sabotage, parts conflicts in love (one part of me want this, but another wants that), how to revise ‘love regulators’ that tell your system to settle for less than you deserve, ways to recover your rights for abundant, safe and sizzling love, and so much more. If you are a couple, you will learn how to upgrade your experience for an even deeper and more meaningful connection.

Day 2 will be about the journey to secure, lasting and deeply fulfilling love. We will show you what your bonding style is and how it is affecting your relationships. Then, we explore the differences between single versus ‘we’ identity and the common ‘identity castles’ that people use to protect themselves. You will learn how to move from a ‘me’ to a ‘we’ identity so that your relationships can thrive in a safe, protective and cherishing garden of love rather than a castle that cuts you off from the intimacy you deserve. The second day is all about how to create a conscious, committed relationship. We finish on a crescendo of how you can ‘manifest with passion’ and call in ‘the one’ (or become ‘the one’ for each other.)

The arc of the workshop is all about the journey from ‘fear’ to ‘dear.’ You will leave the workshop ready to begin your journey to deep, safe, fulfilling and ‘expansive love.’

If you are not in a relationship, you will find ways to attract ‘the one.’

If you are a couple, you will discover new strategies to make your love last. 



Here’s what past attendees have said:

“This workshop is absolutely amazing and it was so worth traveling the distance because you receive something far greater – the love of your life. And this has affected everything for me.” MW from Cincinnati

“The workshop helped me identify some unconscious beliefs and patterns I developed in my childhood around love and relating. How wonderful we could unwind the parts through NLP that don’t serve me now, giving me freedom to have a greater sense of calm and choice around loving and relationships. This work goes deep… great work and thank you.” – JC

Dr. Gary is the author of the forthcoming book Safe to Love Again: How to Release the Pain of Past Relationships and Attract Your Soul Mate.  He offers a unique blend of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Bert Hellinger’s “Family Systems” approach and Attachment Theory, the science of relationships. As one client said, “he re-sets your system for love in a science-based, heart delivered manner.”

Dr. Dianne is a Depth Psychologist who is a master at Jungian integrative shadow work as well as a hypnotherapist trained in the regression therapy of the renowned Dr. Brian Weiss.  She is a heart-centered transformational leader whose greatest joy is helping people to live brilliant, loving lives!

This workshop is for both singles and couples.  It will give you new ingredients for a secret sauce that makes love sizzling, yummy, fulfilling and lasting!  What a great way to turbo charge your relationship skills to have the love you deserve.


See you there! 

Dianne and Gary

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